Tips on Installing Bedroom Lighting

Lighting has so many purposes on every bedroom, from giving us enough light to search through the wardrobes to find a matching pair of socks, to make us get straight out of the bed in the morning without hitting the snooze button multiple times. Another importance of lighting, however, is to determine whether we get a good sleep at night or not.

There are two common types of lighting, the natural and the artificial light. Both of these types surely affect the quality of your sleep because of their ability to affect melatonin in your brain that makes you calmer. So, if you want to improve the sleep quality, here are a few tips regarding the lighting that will help you achieve it.

The first common advice that will help you is to install a curtain on the bedroom window. You probably have heard of this, the presence of light in the night can make your body think that it is daytime, so your bedroom need to be kept as dark as possible. A dim light from a lamp can be tolerable.

After you have some good curtains to keep your room dark enough in the nighttime, now it’s time for the lighting inside the bedroom. Some people feel having a nightlight in their bedroom can help them to feel more comfortable, but this is not advised. Although the light from a lamp can help us fall asleep, the light can ruin the quality of our sleep if the light is on all night long.

A solution to this lighting problem is to install a good dimmable lighting in your bedroom. It will help you relax before you fall sleep and you can turn it down to the lowest setting for the rest of the night.

Dimmable LED light bulb is a perfect choice for this case. The LED lamp can be used in many areas; it can be a bedside table lamp and even ceiling lights. The dimmable LED lamp will also give you the advantage in the term of light intensity. When you need to look for something in the bedroom you have a high intensity light, and when you want to relax you have a dim relaxing light. A dimmable light bulb is available online, but you can also see the local store if they have them in stock. Don’t forget the dimmable switch, because it’s the whole point.

For those who do not like having to move around at night with a little to no light, dimmable LED is also the solution. You can keep a dimmable lamp on the table, so if you need to go to the bathroom at night, you can turn on the light to the light bright enough to just make you able to walk and see things without waking you up too far.

Keeping a low brightness lamp around your home, such as in the bathroom or in the hallway, is a good idea. The lamps will provide you enough light to help you see things but not bright enough to make you fully awake.

The last one is to pay attention to the colour of the lamp that you use, because it makes a big difference. A whiter light is similar to daylight, and it will switch wake up your brain because they think it is a daytime. It will ruin a good night’s sleep.

Choose an LED light bulb that has a warmer colour rather than a cool one, it will improve the quality of your sleep and you will wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

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