White Tiles with Natural Marble Onyx Floor Lamp – Rectangular Column 150 x 30 x 30 cm

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Onyx/Marble Of Onyx Tellez
At the foot of the mighty Vulkans Popoca Tépetl the nature a beautiful treasures: the Onyx Marble. The special charm of this rock volcanic origin is in its transparency. This unique properties, the only of this marble which, allows it to be used as a wonderful direct/indirect lighting Decorative interior objects. Work as a lamp or lighted table it in every room in Urgemütliches Light and yet easily makes elegant accents. Thanks to its attractive brown and the quality its sharpening it is unlit it is decorative. The distinctive grain of the Onyx Marble make each piece an extraordinary.
The brand Onyx Tellez brings together the best Onyx Forged Mexico, all in the middle in the comfort of your own workshops. They create and production all objects in artwork craftsmanship to achieve the quality onyx Tellez quality, and the the brand. Onyx Tellez has all the old manufacturing techniques and the quality of their designs perfected and come to be regarded as the most important manufacturer for lamps, furniture and interiors from Onyx Marble. Now’s length can be adjusted of the sold by Onyx Marble items Rasant the United States and Europe.
Please note: Kunsthandwerkliche construction
Please note that all of our products in Aufwendigster craftsmanship by our artisans. At the same time only natural materials are used. Small errors or irregularities are Naturbedingt or due to the fact that your item does not made from a machine mass production. These small Herstellungsbedingten of imperfections and Imperfektionen all contribute to the unique character and charm of the product.

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