Other Things You Should Know

1. How does the program work?

Valid points will be credited to a customer’s account. Points will be debited from a customer’s account when the customer uses the points to receive a Reward. Points are held in your account at Search Furniture and can be visualised at any moment just logging in. Search Furniture uses reasonable efforts to ensure that points are credited and debited appropriately. We back up regularly customers account balances, but we can’t be held responsible for any loss of data due to technology malfunctions should these occur. Any Search Furniture’s decision is final and binding.

Search Furniture does not endorse, sponsor, or assume liability or responsibility for any of the suppliers, manufacturers, or providers of rewards or for any of their products, services, items, or gift cards or for any of their practices, policies, or terms and conditions.

Search Furniture is not liable or responsible for any lost, misplaced, stolen, or misused rewards and Search Furniture is not responsible for any points that are misused by any individual who you allow to use or access you account. If you have any questions or issues with regards to the misuse of your account, please contact Search Furniture and Search Furniture shall promptly investigate the matter.

2. How can I redeem points?

Rewards available through Search Furniture’s Rewards program have different point redemption thresholds and if you do not have enough points for a certain Reward, you will not be able to redeem for the Reward until you have accumulated enough points.

The current minimum threshold level is 250 points (equivalent to £25), and rewards may be redeemed in multiple of 250 points.

This means that if, for example, you have 570 points, you can redeem 500 points, while 70 will remain in your balance until the 250 threshold is reached again. The minimum threshold amount may change at any time without notification, so bookmark this page to check again in the future.

You must contact us to redeem your points mentioning your username and the number of points you want to redeem. Once you have requested a redemption transaction, the transaction cannot be withdrawn, cancelled or terminated.

The suppliers or providers of the Rewards available through Search Furniture’s Rewards program may have their own terms and conditions, please review these terms and conditions carefully. Search Furniture will not replace any lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged rewards. Search Furniture’s Rewards program and all rewards are provided “as is” and Search Furniture does not make and hereby expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchant-ability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement, and any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage. To the extent Search Furniture may not, as a matter of applicable law, disclaim any warranty, the scope and duration of such warranty shall be limited to the minimum permitted under such applicable law.

If a customer elects to donate points to one of the charities approved by Search Furniture, Search Furniture will donate said points to the selected charity. The donation is not made by or on behalf of Search Furniture.

3. Do points expire?

Points do not expire, however, if your account is terminated or cancelled, whether by you or by Search Furniture, your unused points may be cancelled and voided.

4. Do I have to pay taxes on rewards that I receive?

Search Furniture does not provide any legal or tax advice to customers. Customers are solely liable and responsible for their own tax and legal obligations. You acknowledge that Search Furniture may be required to provide or supply certain information to applicable government agencies or departments in regards to any payments or incentives you earn in connection with your use of Search Furniture’s services. You agree to provide Search Furniture with all required information to assist Search Furniture in complying with its reporting or withholding obligations.

5. Are points or rewards transferable?

Customers may not transfer, assign, or pledge points or rewards to any other person or party. Customers have no property rights or other legal interests in any points granted in connection with Search Furniture’s rewards program. Points have no cash value.

6. What happens if my account is suspended or terminated or if I cancel my membership?

A customer’s account may be suspended or terminated for inactivity as set forth in, or for suspected activity in violation of, Search Furniture’s terms and conditions (Terms & Conditions) (“Search Furniture’s Terms and Conditions”). If your account is suspended or terminated, you will receive a notice or pop-up message when you try to log-in to your member account or try to take a survey, which will instruct you to contact the Search Furniture support. Please note that in the event of suspected fraudulent activity or activity violating Search Furniture’s Terms and Conditions, your account balance may be forfeited. If Search Furniture determines, in its sole discretion, that your account was suspended or terminated in error, Search Furniture may restore your account to active status. Search Furniture’s decision is final and binding.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you should redeem all points available for redemption prior to closing your account. If you have any questions or issues with redeeming please contact Search Furniture.

Search Furniture retains information on the points and redemption transaction history for each customer for 6 months following the termination or cancellation of a customer’s account.

7. Will Search Furniture’s rewards program change?

Search Furniture reserves the right to change the incentive program rules, rewards, terms, conditions, and limitations and/or to cancel the program entirely for any reason, at any time.

8. Will I have to disclose any personal information in connection with my participation in the rewards program?

In connection with the rewards program you may have to disclose or provide personal information to Search Furniture and/or to Search Furniture’s subcontractors, agents, and/or representatives who are providing services to Search Furniture in connection with the rewards program. All personal information disclosed in connection with the Rewards program will be used in accordance with Search Furniture’s privacy policy and will be used for the purpose(s) for which it was disclosed.

9. When are points credited to my account? How long does it take to receive e-Vouchers?

In regards to crediting points to an account, Search Furniture will try to credit your account promptly; however, timing for crediting points to your account depends upon the activity that you participated in (e.g. for points issued in connection with writing a review of a product, we must have confirmation of your purchase first). In addition, there may be a delay based upon a client’s review and analysis of the services performed or provided by Search Furniture.

In regards to e-vouchers, generally an individual will receive the e-voucher within forty-eight (48) hours following redemption.

In regards to physical vouchers, generally an individual will receive the physical vouchers within ten (10) business days following redemption.

If you have not received points or an incentive that you feel you are entitled to, please contact our support.

10. Are there any other terms and conditions that apply to Search Furniture’s rewards program?

Search Furniture may engage a service provider(s) to manage and host an online shop(s) or market place(s) to allow customers the opportunity to redeem points for products or services available in or through the online shop(s) or market place(s). The service provider(s) may have terms and conditions that apply to your ability to use and interact with the online shop(s) or market place(s), which terms and conditions shall be available on the website(s) for the online shop(s) or market place(s). In addition, there may be certain terms and conditions that apply to certain rewards, products or services available in or through the online shop(s) or market place(s). These terms and conditions are available through, on, or in connection with the online shop(s) or market place(s). Please read these terms and conditions carefully.